Can Food Save You?

A recent Taco Bell commercial caught my attention. It shows a young man, a corporate type, getting ready for work in the morning – except he’s already working even as he puts on his tie and brushes his teeth. He continues focusing on his phone and work as he walks. Then he looks up and spies Taco Bell. Salvation! The message couldn’t be any clearer. When you feel overwhelmed, and work consumes your life, food will save you. In this case, Taco Ball food. Even if you have other reasons for turning to food, or if you choose other food venues, this idea is fairly prevalent. I know I’ve used food a sort of life boat in the past, latching onto it when it seems like everything else is going wrong o

Christmas Dinner

This weekend I took members of my family out to a nice lunch as part of their Christmas present, a tradition I’ve maintained for years and likely will for a long while yet, given how much we all enjoy it. The food itself, of course, is part of the pleasure, since we tend to go to higher-end restaurants. This year was The Snow Squall Restaurant, and we were all excited that an actual snow squall didn’t keep us from going. (Considering the number of storms and amount of snow earlier in the week, we definitely lucked out.) We all had wonderful food, with very generous portions. I loved my salmon roasted on a cedar plank, with a side of quinoa and vegetables. The fish was perfectly cooked, moist


When I first heard the band Enter the Haggis in concert over 10 years ago, I hadn’t danced in public since giving up ballet when I was 12. Even in my concert-going phase during high school, I didn’t dance at the events, because I was too self-conscious about my weight and drawing any attention to my body. Even in 2005 (or maybe 2006), it had only been a few years since losing 130 pounds, and I wasn’t used to my new body yet. I still didn’t know if I wanted to risk drawing attention to myself, for fear of judgment based on my appearance. I didn’t expect anything different when I went to the Saltwater Music Festival at Thomas Point Beach. I just went with my brother, my niece (about 10), and m

Food and Values - Compassion

Note: I recently went through an exercise of identifying my highest values. This is one of a series of posts looking at how those values intersect with my relationship to food and my food choices. Recent world events have gotten me thinking a lot about compassion, another of my core values. It is easy to consider how this might come out in daily interactions with people, but how does it relate to food? A few things come to mind. The first is probably familiar – after all, when someone doesn’t feel well, often our first impulse is to give food. This can range from chicken noodle soup for those with colds or flus, chocolate or ice cream (or chocolate ice cream) for someone in emotional distres

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