My church has been using a theme-based approach this year, and this month our theme is Embodiment. This is appropriate for me, since today is my birthday, the day I first experienced my body in the world. Me as a baby It’s also appropriate because I’ve been paying extra close attention to my body lately. I wish I could say it’s for some thoughtful, inspiring reason, but it’s not. I got a deer tick bite two weeks ago, and as with most in Maine these days, I worry about Lyme disease. It’s very disconcerting to think about something so tiny causing so much havoc, or, in the case of the Powassan virus, even death. This has made me hyper-aware of my body, for two reasons. One, I need to be on ale

Putting It In Context

I hate being micromanaged. That’s why, in retrospect, I should have realized from the start that diets wouldn’t work for me. It also explains why I didn’t succeed in my own goals until I had the right context. I’d never made the connection between diets and managing styles until last week. I was reading a presentation about the company culture at Netflix, which includes a discussion about context vs. control. According to Netflix, a good manager does not control everything an employee does. Rather, the manager should set the right context to motivate people towards a specific goal, and then let them find their way to that goal. It reminded of when I had a micromanager about ten years ago. He

Mother's Day Questions

Mother’s Day is often a challenging time for me, but this year it’s even a little stranger. Not only is it my 17th such holiday without my mom, but it comes on the heels of her mother’s death last month. And when I think about them some of what comes up for me is wishing I could ask why they were so focused on my weight, and if they knew what affect it had on me. (L-R) My grandmother, me, and my mom at my college graduation With my mom, I can guess at the answers, although it’s somewhat piecemeal. I know she was truly worried about my health, and from what my dad has said, also my job prospects. I think she knew the weight focus made me angry and rebellious at times, but I don’t think she h

The Founder

I recently watched the movie The Founder, the story of Ray Kroc, who took over the McDonald’s franchise and planted the seeds for it to become the empire we know today. I found it a fascinating movie in many ways, but what particularly caught my attention was the approach Kroc used when he sold the McDonald brothers on the idea of the franchise, and later pitched it to others – because as is so often the case, even though food is involved, it really wasn’t about the food. When Kroc first tried to get the McDonald brothers to let him try to franchise their operation, he compared the restaurant to church. He emphasized family values – for instance, getting rid of the juke boxes that attracted

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