How to Find Out When You’re Being Your Best Self

It would be nice if we could be our best selves all the time, but let’s face it – that will never happen. And that’s perfectly okay. Even if you can’t always be your best, though, you could try to increase the amount of time when you’re acting in more ideal ways. How can you do this? Here are 5 tips to get you started. Tip 1: Be Mindful Before you can change anything, you need to know when you’re already being your best self. To do that, you need to be mindful. Pay attention to how you’re reacting and feeling, and what the circumstances are. As with mindful eating, or any form of mindfulness, remember that this isn’t about judging, only noticing. Tip 2: What Gives You Energy? In the book Des

How to Go Deep – and Why You Need To

Last week I talked about what happens when we’re not our best selves, and this week I was going to write about the opposite, of how to be our best selves. Until last night, when I was reminded of something you need to be able to do before you can recognize your best self. It’s also something you need to be able to do from a mindful eating perspective. You need to go deep. You have to be willing to delve into your inner thoughts and feelings. Recognize how you’re acting and reacting. Explore why you’re responding in that way. Accept who you are – and accept that you might want to change things. Not everyone is up for this. That’s okay – I’m not trying to force anyone. But if you want to under

What Keeps You from Being the Best Version of Yourself?

We’ve all been in situations where we’re not the best versions of ourselves. (If you haven’t, please tell me your secret!) Maybe it’s when stress after stress piles up and then the one last thing tips you over the edge, like getting a flat tire or your grocery bag ripping when you’re trying to carry things home. Maybe it’s during a tough spot in a relationship, where you each want different things and aren’t sure how to move forward. Or when a relationship ends. Whatever the reason, not being our best selves happens. It’s part of life. But it’s a part you might not usually think about. After all, how often do you want to dwell on times when you’re not behaving the way you’d like? Hard as it

Blueberry Surprise

Note: I'm taking a vacation from a regular blog post this week, and instead I'm sharing a poem about a recent blueberry discovery. I don’t know why I turned right when I usually turn left on my morning walk, but the biggest surprise was yet to come. Blueberries! On the side of a busy Portland street, ground a mix of grass and bubble wrap and plastic bottles, I found a stand of high bush blueberries. Could they truly be here, a five-minute walk from my house, near the bus stop and funeral home and bright orange traffic cones? But they were real, a wonder to see, this quintessential Maine fruit. Eager to save some from the birds, I returned, small container in hand, and spent blissful moments

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