5 Tips to Stop Comparing

The other morning while I walked to work from the parking garage, I saw a group of four young, fit-looking people in a courtyard area doing an interesting combination of jogging in place, jumping, and pushups. This caught my attention both because of the activity and because it was only 5 degrees out. A serious of random thoughts ran through my mind in fairly rapid succession: How can they be doing that in such cold weather? I suppose the exercise helps keep them warm. I haven’t been doing much exercise lately. There’s no way I’d be able to do what they’re doing. Why haven’t I been doing more? I’m such a slacker. Have you ever had internal conversations like these? I think they happen to a l

3 Alternatives to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day for this year has come and gone, but the candy lingers, and so does the idea that the holiday is all about romance. At least here in the U.S., if you don’t have a romantic partner on Valentine’s Day, or if you have one but things aren’t going well, you’re often made to feel like something is wrong with you. But Valentine’s Day wasn’t always about romance, and even now, you don’t have to get swept up in the societal norms. So in case you were feeling left out this past Valentine’s Day, here are some alternatives you can think about for next year. #1 – Celebrate Like the Finnish Finland was late to recognize Valentine’s Day as any kind of special day – they didn’t start until 1

How Solar Panels Can Help with Agriculture

Note: This is a different type of post than I normally do, but I was inspired by learning about community solar farms and how solar and agriculture can work together. Last summer, laws in Maine changed that make community solar farms more viable. Since then, many companies have been looking for land to use for those solar arrays, and farmland is a prime choice since it’s already cleared and in a good location for sunlight. At first glance, this seems like a difficult choice – after all, both food and renewable energy are important. But what if you can have both? Some people have been experimenting with this idea, called agrivoltaics, with good results. Planting under solar panels To make thi

What to Expect – and Not to Expect – From Exercise

I’ve been having fun recently watching old episodes of the Penn & Teller show Bullshit on Hulu. It’s an unusual show, looking at various practices and beliefs of things that many people think are true but may not be. They cover a wide range of subjects, from alien abductions to the war on drugs to safety concerns. One episode that especially caught my attention was titled “Exercise vs. Genetics.” It looked at what exercise can or can’t do when you factor in genetics. It got me thinking about what you can get from exercise – and what you probably shouldn’t expect. What You Won’t Get from Exercise Most people expect a couple of things when they exercise: muscle gain and weight loss. Gaining Mu

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