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Food In the Office - Additional

Yesterday, I went with Sarah, a friend and former co-worker, to the Harvest on the Harbor festival (more on that later), and we were talking about my comments about food in the office. She pointed out that I had forgotten to mention the monthly birthday celebrations that we've had the past few years, so I thought I'd add a note about those. Instead of having birthday cake once every one or two weeks (or sometimes more), our office administrator started organizing monthly birthday celebrations. But don't let the frequency fool you into thinking this resulted in less cake - far from it! These monthly events generally include: one large regular cake; 2-3 types of cheesecake (including low-carb versions); usually a fruit tart; 1-2 other types of cake; and cut fruit for those of us who aren't cake-inclined. What's even more frightening is that all of this only lasts about 2 days, maybe 3 if certain people aren't in the office. From a calorie perspective, I think we might actually consume more this way. And here are a few older journal entries about food in the office: July 11, 2001 Today at work was interesting because there was a lot of food. Bob brought in leftover cupcakes from his daughter's birthday party on Sunday, and they were very cute, with a nautical theme; the frosting was blue with a straw sticking up like a fishing ole and a Swedish fish attached to the pole with a piece of dental floss. Victoria brought in beef jerky, and Matt H. brought in leftover Easter Skittles. Then Thea bought pretzels and Kate bought black licorice – it was crazy. October 18, 2001 On Monday Thea was back bearing lots of food. She’d had a birthday party for her grandmother (88) on Sunday, and she had a ton of leftovers: 4 kinds of bread (pumpkin, banana, coffee-cake like bread, and one other), cookies, and two halves of cake, one chocolate fudge and one Oreo mousse. She was, as you might imagine, very popular. December 17, 2001 Today was interesting. Tons of folks were out – Scott, Matt B., and Jean were sick, and Matt H. was on vacation, while Kate, Thea, and Victoria were still in training. But those of us there were fortified by all the food Kristin brought – chocolate fudge, butter cookies, pecan squares, and mini loaves of chocolate chip pumpkin bread (she was bored on Saturday, so she baked).

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