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A Litany of Food

Following up on my earlier post, I thought it might be fun to provide a list of the foods I've given and received for the holidays.

Given (and kept a little for myself, of course):

- little pumpkin breads/muffins

- caramels

- peanut butter fudge (made from my grandmother's recipe)

- ginger crinkles

- sugar cookies

- hot chocolate mix


- Wilbur's Chocolate Bits and Pieces

- hot chocolate mix

- homemade granola (from Alton Brown's recipe on the Food Network)

- cranberry bread

- chocolate chip cookies (from two sets of people)

- ginger molasses cookies

- butter cookies

- pretzels and nuts coated with chocolate and sugar

- raspberry squares

- two types of jam

- bread and butter pickles

- homemade mix for M&M cookies

- more to come from a friend on Tuesday

- I might get some of the yummy snickerdoodles my brother made

Plus, I brought home some of yesterday's dessert because at the time I was too stuffed to eat it, after the ham, rolls, roasted potatoes, salad, and green beans:

- mini Italian pastries

- needhams

- sugar cookies

- peanut butter kisses

- no-bake cookies

- Chex mix

I think between all of this, if I limit myself to one sweet per day (my current goal - we'll see how I do), I'll have enough to last me until summer!

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