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My First Tank Top

We’ve been having something of a heat wave here in Maine, although that didn’t stop me from getting out to pick blueberries last Monday afternoon. Picking allows plenty of time for reflection, and as I sweated in the sun, I thought it might be better if I was wearing a tank top instead of a T-shirt. The only problem is that, despite what I wrote last week about feeling more comfortable with my body, I have never owned a tank top.

Buying one had simply never occurred to me, even when I went shopping with my niece recently and she bought some. Tank tops were for Other People, not the likes of me. Except as multiple days of 90-degree weather rolled by, I realized that this wasn’t true.

Even better, I remembered that I had $10 in Kohl’s cash, plus a 30% off coupon, and I took advantage of that on Friday. The options were somewhat overwhelming. Did I want something sparkly, or with ruffles? Spaghetti straps or thicker? How low-cut? What color? Finally I settled on a turquoise blue top, with thicker shoulder straps, a slight V-neck, and some embroidery at the top but otherwise undecorated.

It couldn’t have been better timing, because Saturday I went to the Saltwater Celtic Music Festival, and given that I was going to be spending hours out in the sun, some of it sitting but some of it dancing, I figured the tank top was the perfect thing to wear. And I was right. I was still hot, of course, and it meant having to slather more of myself in sunscreen, but between the top and wearing shorts, I had as little clothing sticking to me as possible, which was nice. It was also lovely when the breeze picked up to feel it on bare skin.

I couldn’t help thinking about how a younger me would have worn longer pants and shirt to something like that, no matter how hot I got as a result, because I was so embarrassed about my body. It was wonderful to feel completely comfortable wearing my first tank top – and I suspect it will not be my last.

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