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Taste vs. Feeling

Have you ever heard the phrase “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”?

I don’t know who came up with it, but it crossed my mind the other day when someone brought leftover cake to the office, and I decided not to have any. An outsider might have thought I decided against the cake because I agreed with that saying. They would be wrong, but I won’t deny that taste and feeling played a role in my decision.

On the taste side, the cake was from a store, and while such cakes are pretty decent, they still don’t quite match homemade. Plus, it was white cake with chocolate frosting, whereas I prefer my cake chocolate and frosting white. Since I’m now much pickier about my sweets than I used to be, I chose to forgo the cake.

Then there’s the feeling aspect. I wouldn’t say it’s how “thin” feels, though, because I began noticing how my body reacted to certain foods long before I approached thin. The reality is that when I eat too many sweets now, I don’t feel good physically, no matter what the numbers on the scale read.

So not having cake was more a decision of it not being something I really wanted because I didn’t expect it to taste as good as I’d like, and I didn’t want to push my sweet threshold and risk not feeling good for something I wouldn’t truly enjoy.

On the flip side, I was very excited to try making apple brownies, and to get some yummy doughnuts to share with my family. In those cases, the taste is enough to entice me, and if I’m hungry when I eat them, and enjoy them in moderation, I still feel good. I guess you could say I have my cake – or rather, apple brownie or doughnut – and eat it, too.

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