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An April Fool's Easter

Happy Easter! And happy April Fool’s Day!

I don’t remember these two coming together before, but I kind of wish they had. Because when I was growing up, I often felt like Easter was a cruel joke.

First came the Easter baskets, where my brother got tasty things like Doritos and regular candy. And I got sugar-free candy and a book.

Don’t get me wrong. Books are great. They were my lifeline, so I wasn’t going to complain about them.

But it was the contrast that drove me nuts. Why should we be treated so differently? And when did you ever see an Easter basket advertised with sugar-free candy? Or carob instead of chocolate?

Then came the Easter dinner. I often felt like I could relate to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick: “Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.”

Except in my case, it was, “Food, food everywhere, that I’m not supposed to eat.”

These big family meals can be so tough. Especially if the cook will be upset if you don’t eat the food, while other people will be upset if you do eat it. It’s a no-win situation.

I’m happy to say my holidays aren’t like that anymore. But maybe they are for you.

If they are, here are a couple of ideas that might help.

As much as possible, try not to worry about the people who think you shouldn’t eat certain things. I know, I know – way easier said than done! But they may not even realize how much it’s hurting you, and that you need to do what’s best for you, not what’s best for them.

And then just be as mindful as you can. This includes enjoying the food that you want, even if it doesn’t fall into someone else’s “good” category. For instance, I’m hoping that my aunt gets the Italian pastries she often has at holidays, since I always enjoy those and don’t often get them.

Or see if you can take some leftovers home, so you can enjoy them later. And that way the cook knows you really did like the food.

It can also help to enjoy being with loved ones (if that’s how you’re spending the day), for the conversation and hugs and perhaps games, and not just the food. Food is great, but so are other aspects of holidays.

And especially, since it is April Fool’s, I hope you find some time for some fun and laughter!

With that thought, I'll leave you with this photo of some fun cupcakes - and a wish for a happy Easter.

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