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3 Ways to Embrace Change During Spring

I don’t know about you, but to me, it feels like spring is in the air. Yes, we may still get occasional snow, but at least it melts quickly. And even if you may not feel very peppy this morning due to Daylight Savings, pretty soon you’ll get used to the new hours and enjoy the warmer temperatures and longer daylight.

I’ve also always thought this is a much better time of the year to change habits than early January. When you want to start a new habit in springtime, it feels like you’re embracing the season and going along with all the changes in the world around you.

With that in mind, here are a few springtime changes I’m thinking of, in case it sparks any ideas for you.

Being more active

During the winter, I try to do some exercise and stay active, but it’s not always easy. Going for walks is tough when the roads and sidewalks are in poor conditions, and I was even more cautious than usual this year after my ankle injury last summer.

And while I like cross country skiing, we didn’t have much good snow for it. Plus, if I’m honest, on cold wintry days, I find it very easy to make excuses for staying in and playing with the cats.

Now, though, most of the time the road conditions are good, the trails in the woods are starting to clear up, and more days than not are above freezing. All of this makes it much easier for me to get motivated to be active.

I also have the incentive of my trip to Baxter State Park planned for late June, and I want to be in good enough shape to get to Chimney Pond (without injury).

Getting outside

Along with activity, I just want to start getting outside more. One thing that helps me is to almost make a game of it – to see what trees have buds, if I can spot any new flowers coming up, things like that.

Keeping an eye out for those small, incremental changes is rather fun, but it also does a couple of other things. It keeps me very much in the moment since I can’t spot anything new if I’m caught up in my thoughts.

I also find it hopeful to see these changes, with the reminder of new life and fresh beauty in the world. With everything else going on, that reminder is so important.

Being mindful of seasonal foods

I’m also starting to think about different foods. In the winter, most of the time I can’t bring myself to eat salads because I want something warm. So I eat a lot of soup instead.

Around this time of year, though, salads with veggies like fresh cucumbers and new lettuce start to sound more appealing. I haven’t made the switch yet, but I’m mulling it over, and I suspect I’ll start to shift my eating patterns before too long.

How can you embrace spring?

These are just a few ideas I have, but what about you? Have you noticed any changes in yourself now that we have more daylight and the days are getting a bit warmer?

Or are there changes you want to make that you didn’t get to around New Year’s? If so, now might be the time!

Either way, I hope you appreciate the new bursts of life and color, and enjoy not having to bundle up quite so much.


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