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Health Coaching

Making lifestyle changes isn’t always easy. Even when you know it will make you feel better.


You may not know where to start. Or once you begin, life happens and you end up back at square one. You may get discouraged and feel like you’ll never reach your goal.


Health coaching is a way to make those changes a reality… and something you can sustain lifelong. 


As a health coaching client, you'll:

  • Stay motivated by defining goals in a way that empowers and excites you

  • Adjust to life's challenges so you can still meet your goals

  • Trust your own inner wisdom so you don’t get caught up in external and conflicting views about food (or anything else)

  • Rediscover a healthy relationship with food without feeling restricted

  • Increase your energy so you can do the things you love

  • Appreciate and feel good in your body

  • Relearn to embrace your life and live to the fullest

  • Receive undivided attention and support from your coach


Don’t wait to create the life you want and deserve. Contact me today to schedule a FREE initial consultation.


I look forward to learning how I can best support you!


If you're already signed up for coaching sessions,  you can use the button below to make a payment.

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Coaching Testimonials

"Erica has been very supportive as I've worked on my emotional eating and figuring out what my triggers are.  I really appreciate that Erica has been through the process of changing her own relationship with food in the past and can use that experience to help me.  I really look forward to our weekly calls."


"I always feel unconditionally supported and Erica has demonstrated that she is "pro Shannon" no matter what I say or do when I am working with her. 


"Erica is always present, open, nonjudgmental and loving but not pushy, (nor do I feel like she has any agenda besides seeing me live my best and highest potential - which honestly, is really refreshing and authentic). 


"In working with Erica I have found a sense of balance within myself that I didn't know before. I would recommend working with her to anybody who needs support as well as anyone seeking healing and peace with food and their body. I feel like Erica is a well of insight and compassion."


"Working with Erica is the most effective step I've taken toward approaching food in a healthful way. Erica's insightful and gentle questions and suggestions help me see and approach the situation from the inside out -- addressing causes such as stress and making changes that don't trigger the rebellion that often comes out when I try to regulate what I eat. Erica's coaching style and her suggestions inspire me and appeal to the part of me that is always seeking the meaning in life, and this is exactly what I need. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a way out of the weight trap that our society plays such a huge role in imposing on women (and, increasingly, on men)."

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