How Do You Stop Eating Chocolate?

Note: To learn more about the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating program, visit, or my website. The question came up in my Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating class recently. It also seems appropriate with Halloween only two days away. How do you stop eating chocolate? But in order to answer that, it can be helpful to consider a different question to start. Why do you start eating chocolate to begin with? For me, the answer to that second question has changed radically over time. This has had a direct impact on when I stop. In my younger years, I told myself I ate chocolate and other candy because it tasted good. That was the easy answer. But it wasn’t necessarily true, or at least the wh

Abundance vs. Responsibility

Note: To learn more about the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating program, visit, or my website. How do you balance having an attitude of abundance with being responsible? I’d never thought about this question until this past Monday, when I went to an event for World Food Day hosted by the Maine Gleaning Network. One point that caught my attention was when one speaker said we needed to shift from an attitude of abundance to one of responsibility. It was interesting because in the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating program we talk about cultivating an attitude of abundance, not getting away from it. But we also talk about being responsible. It felt like there was a disconnect. But when I l

Food As a Friend I Turn to When Stressed

This past week, I had a surprising insight. I realized that I still turn to food when I’m stressed. But – and this is key – it’s in a very different way than when I was younger. In my earlier years, I was a champion at stress eating. Usually I went for sugar, although Doritos or chips would do in a pinch. Unfortunately, this didn’t help in the long run because then I felt upset with myself for overeating. This just made me more stressed, and then I’d eat more. Not a good cycle. Plus, I didn’t truly appreciate the food. Food was more like a long-suffering friend, one who also enabled me. No matter how many times I abused it, and even though I never showed the food any care, it was always ther

Weighing in on Clean Eating

I’ve seen a few articles going around recently about the idea of “clean eating.” And I have to say that the idea doesn’t sit well with me, for a few reasons. A couple of the big issues are leading to orthorexia, and being judgmental not only of food but of people because of what they eat. I definitely agree that both of those are an issue. And I’m not a fan of anything that tends to promote disordered eating. I also don’t go in for judgment on what people eat. Or how they eat. Or how much they eat. I personally try to eat with balance, variety, and moderation, but if someone else chooses not to, I’m not going to condemn them for it. (Especially because sometimes I also choose not to.) But c

Mindful Drinking

I realized a little over a month ago that I had a drinking problem. No, not that kind. (My main use of alcohol is to keep my sorbet and vegan ice cream from freezing solid. Otherwise, I don’t tend to like the taste of alcoholic drinks, and I prefer to eat my calories.) No, my problem is mindless drinking, especially tea. I’ve sort of known this was a problem before, in the sense of having to pee a lot because of how much I drink. Sometimes it’s even how people remember me. For instance, years ago I went on a day trip to the Grand Canyon, and about a year after, a woman from the bus trip recognized me in the airport as the girl who needed to stop at the bathrooms a lot. Call me crazy, but thi

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