Is Now the Time to Get Healthy?

This past Friday, Bill Maher did an interview with Dr. David Katz, in which Dr. Katz said that this is a good time for people to get healthy since good nutrition, sleep, and exercise boost your immune system. I agree that improving our immune system right now is a good idea, and while more healthy habits might help, the focus on “getting healthy” has some challenges. Grocery Shopping In terms of good nutrition, being more healthy often involves eating lots of fresh produce and whole foods instead of processed items. That’s fine in normal circumstances, but fresh produce doesn’t last that long. And with grocery shopping becoming more difficult and stressful, people are more inclined to opt fo

Why It’s Important to Identify Your Emotions

I have a confession to make. I haven’t given myself much time to think about or process what I’m feeling in relation to the current pandemic. Yes, I’ve had moments of anxiety, but I haven’t explored the basis of that anxiety. It’s simply easier to say, “It’s the pandemic,” without getting into the details. Then I try to get busy again so I can keep the anxiety at bay without thinking about it. Of course, this isn’t a particularly healthy approach, but I honestly hadn’t thought much about that fact until I listened to an episode of the podcast Unlocking Us by Brené Brown. The podcast was titled “Brené on Anxiety, Calm + Over/Under-Functioning”, and it pointed out something that I often ignor

Advice About Regret from a Former Astronaut

Not long ago, I was supposed to travel to a conference that ended up being canceled due to the coronavirus. Or rather, the in-person part was canceled – the event still happened online. This included a speech by former astronaut Mike Massimino. He shared lots of interesting stories, ranging from the many attempts it took him to get into NASA… to his experience in space… to being a guest on the show The Big Bang Theory. But one part, in particular, stood out to me. His comment about regret. It caught my attention because, in mindful eating, we often prefer to talk about regret instead of guilt. Guilt carries a lot more judgment with it, implying that you did something wrong, whereas regret is

3 Tips If You’re Feeling Self-Conscious on Zoom

Have you been on any video conference calls lately, using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or something else? And if so, have you been feeling self-conscious about it? If so, you’re not alone. An article on Slate called out some research on this, which revealed that 39% of people don’t like being on camera, and 59% are more self-conscious on camera than they are in real life. Additionally, an article in The Washington Post pointed out that video conferencing reveals a lot more about what’s going on around you, whether it’s noisy pets, other people in the background, the state of your house or apartment, and more. And those might be things you’re not comfortable sharing. For me, a lot of it come

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