Are You Sure About Your Food Likes and Dislikes?

Last week, I mentioned that I used to think I didn’t like oatmeal. Now, though, it’s one of my favorite breakfast foods and something I have several times a week. Why the change? It takes a little explanation, but I thought it might be worth sharing because what we tell ourselves we like and don’t like isn’t always true. And finding out the real answer is part of mindful eating. Foods You Don’t Like Do you have any foods you don’t like? If so, can you remember when you tried it and what you disliked about it? Or is it that dislike simply something you’ve convinced yourself is true? For myself, when I was growing up I was sure I didn’t like oatmeal. I carried this belief with me until early a

How to Let Go of Security Foods – 3 Ways to Get Started

When I was growing up, one of my brother’s friends had a security blanket that he took everywhere. He was like Linus in the Charlie Brown comics – he just had to have his blanket with him. I don’t think I ever had a security blanket, but I’ve certainly had security foods. Sugar was a big one for me when I was younger. I wasn’t too picky about what form the sugar came in, but candy was a favorite. Snickers, Charleston Chews, Twizzlers, M&M’s, Three Musketeers, Milky Ways, and more. If not candy, anything chocolate would do – cookies, cake, brownies, cupcakes, etc. I also used to have dry Cheerios every morning for breakfast and couldn’t imagine having anything else. And pre-pandemic, I’d gott

What Happens When You Push Yourself Just a Little

Last week, I had to bring my car to the shop to get checked out, and due to the pandemic, I didn’t want to hang out in the waiting room. I also didn’t want to take the bus back home, or even get a Lyft, which is what I sometimes do. The good news is, the car shop is only a mile and a half from my house, so I ended up walking home after dropping off the car. A mile and a half isn’t too bad for me, and even though that road isn’t the most pleasant place to walk, I was able to tune out most of the traffic by listening to a podcast. But then that afternoon, the shop called me back to say the car was ready to pick up, and I had to decide whether to walk back that day to get it. I was surprised be

What to Do When You’re Stuck in the Doldrums

Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck in the doldrums. I first learned about the doldrums when I read The Phantom Tollbooth, which is still one of my favorite children’s books. In the book, the Doldrums is an actual place where the character Milo ends up, and the Lethargians who live there do nothing all day. They don't even think or laugh. Milo asked what they could do without laughing or thinking, and they had quite a few answers. The list included daydreaming, dawdling, lingering, napping, loafing, lounging, putting things off, and wasting time. They said: “As you can see, that leaves almost no time for brooding, lagging, plodding, or procrastinating, and if we stopped to think or laugh, we'd n

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