Getting Outside Has Never Felt Better

Apart from a surprise snowstorm last Tuesday, the weather here in Maine has felt quite spring-like. Robins are out hunting for worms, we have about 11 1/2 hours of daylight, temperatures are in the 50’s, and crocuses are coming up. And I’ve never been so happy to get outside to enjoy it! Here in Maine, we’re lucky that we can still go out for strolls and bike rides. Some of the beaches and parks are closed, but we have a lot more opportunities than many people, and I’m grateful for it. I’m not alone, either. As the author of an article notes: “Before coronavirus, I didn't just leave my house on foot and walk around, sort of purposeless, unless I had something that was really troublin

How To Resist the Urge to Eat Out of Boredom

Have you ever reached for food simply because you’re bored and eating will give you something to do? If you answered yes, you’re far from alone. Boredom is one of the biggest triggers for mindless eating for many people. And if, like most folks, you’re now stuck at home a lot more, you might be even more tempted to turn to food to mix up your day and give yourself a break. I’ve certainly been struggling with this. Over the past week, I’ve often felt like the day has been going on forever and I look at my watch and it’s only 10 a.m. The impulse makes perfect sense, but that doesn’t mean you need to give in to it. If you’re looking for some help in resisting the urge to eat out of boredom, her

The Importance of Eating Mindfully During Difficult Times

With fear about the coronavirus shutting things down, hitting the stock market, impacting schools and work, it’s easy to get away from mindful eating. And yet, this is one of the most important times to be mindful. It’s not easy, of course. When we’re afraid and stressed, we want comfort and security. If security is in short supply in the broader world, and we can’t even find comfort by visiting friends, going to places of worship, or giving hugs, it’s natural to want to reach for foods that make us feel safe and secure. And I’m not saying to avoid those foods but rather to remember why it’s important to be mindful about eating them and not overdo it. This is true at any time, but it’s espec

3 Tips to Help with Stress Eating

Eating for emotional reasons is pretty common, and stress is one of the biggest drivers of that kind of eating. Even worse, this can become a vicious cycle. Consider this scenario. You’re really stressed because you have too many things to do, and they’re all important enough that you can’t just drop something. You go to the store to get some groceries and spot your favorite comfort food on sale. You weren’t planning to buy it, but suddenly you find that you’ve picked it up. You pay for it and go home, where you eat the snack as fast as you can. (Or maybe you don’t even wait to get home and eat it in the car.) While you’re eating it, and for a short time afterward, you feel a little better.

Is It Really Good or Are You Settling?

One of my favorite recent shows is The Good Place, and it’s gotten me thinking about frozen yogurt and the difference between things that are truly good vs. things we settle for. For those not familiar with the show, it starts off with a woman named Eleanor who died and ended up in the Good Place – but it’s a mistake. She knows she’s really supposed to be in the Bad Place, but she needs to make sure no one else learns the truth so she doesn’t get kicked out. But the Good Place isn’t what you might typically think of. It doesn’t have any harps or angels, but what it does have is a lot of frozen yogurt places. The idea came up when the character Michael, the architect of the Good Place, was lo

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