How to Stop the Momentum of Busyness

Have you ever found that once you start working or doing chores or errands, you have a hard time stopping? The momentum of it keeps you going, and you think, “I’ll just do one more thing before I take a break.” Except after that one thing, you think of another thing to do… and then another. In these situations, you may also find that you use food as a way to slow down. That can backfire, though, because you could end up eating when you’re not hungry simply to give yourself a break. Or you may feel so busy that you either work while you eat or skip eating so you can keep going. It doesn’t help that American culture values busyness. Many people feel like they have to stay busy to show that the

Health is More Than Just Physical

At one point in the movie The Princess Bride, the Count invites Prince Humperdinck to join him in torturing Westley. The Prince declines, saying he has too much to do, and the Count says, “Get some rest. Without your health, you haven’t got anything.” I agree, but with a caveat. Health isn’t just about the physical side of things. Even if you get enough sleep every night… eat lots of fruits and vegetables… get in some cardio and strength exercises…. and stay hydrated – you still might not be healthy. I realized recently that I’d lost sight of this since the pandemic hit. These days, physical health is certainly top of mind, and it’s important. But we also need to focus on our mental, emotion

3 Reasons to Start with Acceptance

If you’re trying to change your relationship to food and how you eat, that means you’re not happy with things as they are. Maybe you don’t like being obsessed with food, or feeling bad both physically and emotionally so often, or having so little energy to focus on other things in your life. Given all that, you might feel like acceptance is the last thing you need, and I get it. When I was younger and heavier and didn’t have a good relationship with food, for a long time I wasn’t interested in acceptance. It felt like giving in and giving up, that I was going to settle for keeping things the way they were. But I was wrong. No matter where you’re at, starting with acceptance will help you get

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