Five Days of Baking

You’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, but I tend to celebrate days of baking during the week of Thanksgiving, in preparation for my church’s holiday fair, and for Christmas gifts. This year I might have gone a bit overboard with 5 Days of Baking. But I did have fun with it, starting with the gluten-free items to avoid any cross-contamination. On the first day of baking, I made brownies with pumpkin – they didn’t taste anything like pumpkin, but they did taste fabulous. And in keeping with the fall theme, I also made pumpkin cookies. On the second day of baking, I tried a new recipe for cranberry sugar cookies, and they came out really well. Always a nice surprise, especially since it was

The Cookie

Imagine you’ve been traveling for five hours, first sitting in an airport… then on a plane… and finally in a cab. You reach your hotel about the time you normally have dinner. You’re tired, a little stressed by the travel and nervous about a presentation you’re doing the next day. Then you check in – and you are offered a warm chocolate chip cookie, courtesy of the hotel. Do you accept the cookie? The question seemed like a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t I accept it? But for me, that’s wasn’t the real question. My dilemma was, eat it before or after dinner? On the one hand, the cookie was very tempting. I was hungry, and it smelled great. Plus, what’s the point of getting a warm cookie if you’re n

Success with Mindful Eating

Note: To learn more about the Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating program, visit, or my website. Recently when I had lunch with a friend, she asked me how things were going with my mindful eating work, if I was having much success with it. It was an interesting question because it made me think about what we mean by success. If we’re talking on a purely financial level, it’s not successful for me in the terms of paying bills and sustaining my lifestyle. But despite what some people might say, money is not the only measure of success. And by other metrics, I’d say it’s definitely successful. For instance, here’s some of the feedback I got from my recent Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating w

Is It Wasteful to Eat Food You Don’t Want or Need?

Many of us were raised in “clean plate” households, where not cleaning your plate was considered wasteful. And since our country does waste a lot of food, as I wrote about last October, this is important to think about. But I’d argue that it’s just as wasteful to force yourself to eat food you don’t need or want. Let me explain. Imagine you’re out at a restaurant, or some other social setting, where you’ve eaten as much as you need, but there’s still food left. You’re not in a position to take leftovers home. Do you keep eating, or do you throw the food away? I’ve been in these situations before. One of the most memorable was on my work trip to India in 2010. Since I was staying in a standar

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